Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the difference between Mixed Ages and Big Kids class?
Mixed Ages: 0-5 year olds with parent/grownup participation
Big Kids: 5, 6, 7 year olds with parent participation optional

How young do you start children in your classes?
For our Mixed Age Classes, we accept children as soon after birth that a parent feels comfortable bringing their child into a group setting.

Up to what age do you take children?
Our Mixed Age Class is for children ages 0-5 years old. Our Big Kid's Class is age 5-7 years old. 

How many children are in each class?
For our Mixed Age Class, we have anywhere from 6-12 in a class, but the norm is 10. For Big Kids Class, 4 to 6 children per class. 

What are your semesters?
We have ten-week semesters for fall, winter and spring and a shorter semester in the summer. Please Click Here for Current Classes for class schedule. 

How long is a class?
Mixed Age Classes are 45 minutes. Big Kids Classes are 1 hour. 

Can I try a class before registering?
Yes for Mixed Age Classes. We invite you to attend a no-obligation preview with your child. Click Here to Schedule Your Trial Class

Can one parent bring more than one child?
Yes for Mixed-Age class only. We encourage siblings to come together. Our mixed-age classes allows siblings of different ages to be in class together. A baby under eight months is free with a registered sibling.

Can both parents attend?
Absolutely! We love it! We just ask for no more than two grown ups per child as space is limited in the room.  

Can a grandparent or baby sitter bring my child?
Yes, but we still encourage parents to get involved by singing the songs at home or in the car with their child. We provide a songbook, a CDs and access to all songs for the collection through our Hello Everybody App to facilitate parent involvement.

How much does it cost for a semester?

Click here to see current class tuitions

Are there any other fees, such as a membership or materials fee?
There are no add-on costs, your tuition is all-inclusive.

Do I have to choose just one class and then always attend that class?
To keep the classes cohesive, you attend at the same time/day every week. This allows both the children and the adults to become comfortable with the other participants and relax and enjoy their class. 

If we miss a class, can we make it up?
Yes. Each family may use three make-ups per 10 week semester, two make-ups for 8 week semester, and one for 5 week semester. They may be used before or after a planned absence. Make-ups are scheduled on our website and you may attend any class that has an available space. Makeups are on a first-come, first-served basis. It is the responsibility of the family to either attend all their classes or schedule their makeups. Music Together Aloha cannot guarantee makeups. Make-ups cannot be "rolled over" to a subsequent semester.

Click Here to Schedule a Make Up

Can we join a class that has already started?
You can join a class that is already in session up to the third week. After the third week,  your next opportunity to join us is the following semester.

Do I have to sing?
You don't have to be a great singer to present a good model as a music maker for your child. It's only through you, their primary care-giver, that your child will gain the disposition to enjoy and participate in the music of their culture. So, we do ask all attending adults to sing and move with us to the best of their ability. The good news is that your child thinks your voice is beautiful no matter what you think of it! The other good news is that no one else is listening to, or judging you! We're are all too busy singing and enjoying the interaction with the children.

Do we play instruments in class?
Yes! We use a variety of percussion instruments and props at least three times during the course of each class.  The instruments are all percussive because they need to be age-appropriate and child-safe for all of the children.  We want the children to feel a sense of satisfaction in their instrument play and percussion instruments reliably provide that at this age.

What kind of music do you use in class?
We use many traditional songs from cultures around the world as well as original songs written by the founders of Music Together®. The styles include folk, jazz, swing, blues and classical amongst others. Our songs are written or arranged in keys that are most easily heard and processed by young children.

Do all your classes have the same music?
We have nine different song collections that we rotate over the course of three years, i.e. a family would have to attend steadily for three years before repeating a song collection. All of our classes during a particular semester use the same collection.

Will my child learn to play an instrument in this class?
No, this class is designed to lay the foundation for basic music literacy, complementing music instruction in school or instrument lessons.

Do we offer a military discount?
Yes, please email musictogetheraloha@gmail.com about our discount for active-duty military families.